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The Gateway to the Outer World.  Here cultists can catch up with ritual schedules and other esoteric resources.  A repository of eldritch knowledge, readily accessible for any members to use.  Feel free to leave comments and share anything regarding the Outer World inhabitants and initiates activities and inquiries.


We are a Neutral SG, with our only rules being no restrictions or requirements for characters.  We only care about your character, in every sense of the word.  Always highly active every day, doing runs and having fun but looking to expand so we can all do larger scale events and such. 


The elder beings who find themselves drawn together through our shared proclivities are only loosely beholden to the High Council (moderators), the Xaositects primary concerns will be coordinating group events while doing our best to keep arbitrate any situations that may arise. 


Hopefully though the founders of the Outer Gods are villains, we can all remember that we can still be respectable and save possibly extreme offensive content for the rumpus room.  We will always leave space for people to vent and express themselves in various ways, though any racism, sexism, or other -isms will always be frowned upon anywhere BUT the rumpus room. 


Just play nice please.

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A large, very old and very dense forest roughly in the centre of nowhere. Giant oaks grow there, crowns of which combine to form an unbroken canopy that closes off the sky.


Their deeply gnarled bark, thick and strong as steel plate armor, is covered with bracket fungi that glow a weird, eldritch green, creating an environment as dim as twilight.


Despite its name, the Wilds are a rather dangerous place, but if a dreamer stays on the path and does not listen to the noises and voices around him, he can traverse the Woods unharmed.


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